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About us

We are passionate about games and are driven to fuse the traditional and convivial board game with the pioneering and revitalizing solutions that the smart phone and tablet computer offer. We want to energize the living room atmosphere of the board game, but not lose the coziness of this medium. We aim to achieve this by making full use of the iPhone and iPad capabilities.


We have just launched the Leopard Games initiative and have an exciting concept and idea for a new and revolutionary game that we will implement on the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad.


We create and promote games with a collaborative approach. Each game development is run as a project where the game designer, artist, developer and promoter contribute to bring the game to life. Once a person is selected and commits to a role in the project team, the person contributes skill, effort and time, and in return receives a contractual right to income that the game will generate when we launch it. Nobody in a project receives a salary. In this way, risks and rewards are shared among the collaborators.

This collaborative approach has the liberating effect that brilliant ideas can make their way to fruition without compromise. First, we do not require a large amount of money to start a project. Second, our passion for games and the fact that we are interested in the final result and not in a salary, keeps us on the ball and creates the ideal environment in which we can design and develop an amazing game.


If you are passionate about games, are confident that you have the graphic design or iOS programming skills to create a dazzling game application, and can find yourself in the collaborative approach described above to create the game, then I would very much like to meet you. You can get hold of me by email or by phone.

Werner Meyer @ Leopard Games

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